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“We specialize in making sure you experience the very best of what Maui has to offer”


We work directly with corporate leaders to assist with planning a variety of Maui excursions with the goal of arranging events that best entertain their group.  We schedule private group tours and activities and reserve all transportation needs for boat tours, helicopter tours, luaus and sightseeing outings.


What do we do?  We save you time, money and frustration.  Maui offers hundreds of tours, activities, restaurants, many must see and do opportunities.  Figuring it all out is a daunting task.  We simplify that process.  We act much like a hotel concierge without the corporate affiliations and restraints.  We offer a more personable, honest and helpful way to plan excursions and experiences.


Want To Float, Fly, Look Up At The Night Sky, Go for A Wild Ride?

We organize Maui vacation experiences for those seeking the ultimate way to enjoy the island….

Maui is an amazing island, we feel lucky to live here and enjoy sharing it with others.  There are many things to do and many different ways to do them. That is where we assist you. Think of us as having a close family member on the island with your best interest at heart.  We are here to take care of you. Our goal is to create a balance of memorable Maui moments that are the best possible way for you to enjoy your time on the island.


Contact a reservationist at 808-707-5033 and we will do all we can to accommodate you.


Maui Tours Activities

MAUI LOCATIONS:  We arrange tours and activities on the entire island of Maui; Kannapali, Kihei, Lahaina, Wailea, Maalaea, Kula, Kapalua, Hana, Kahului, Paia, Wailuku, Napili, Haiku and Haleakala.  All different types of excursions that range from relaxing trips to wild adventures.

MAUI TOURS:  We specialize in arranging tours specifically designed to your interest and the types of experiences you desire to do.  There are hundreds of different tours offered on Maui.  After listening to you we can quickly narrow your search and save you time, money and frustration.  We only work with the best tour operations who provide a high level of service.

Haleakalā National Park road to hana

MAUI ACTIVITES: Guided tours are great but sometimes it is nice to create your own unscheduled go at your own pace outing.  This may include renting snorkeling or fishing gear, having a surf board, kayak or stand up paddle board delivered to you.  Taking diving lessons, surfing or sup lessons…these are all activities we can assist you with arranging.

OUR RESERVATIONIST:  All of our staff live on the island, live an active lifestyle and have personally experienced the different tours and activates they arrange.  You are not speaking with an off island call center, false-discount tour agency with hidden fees and add on charges who turns arounds and sells your contact information too as many places as they can or a contract tour agency that can only promote the tours they are contractually obligated to.  We are a local independent sightseeing agency made up of the very best reputable Maui tour operators, an island alliance of activity professionals who staff highly trained individuals that do everything they can to make your experience as safe and enjoyable as possible.

maui hiking

SAFETY FIRST: We are committed to making sure all the tours and activities we arrange are offered by professional operations who are known for their reputation for making safety a top priority.  BE SAFE, BE SMART, HAVE FUN!


It is simple…making sure you have fun is our business.  We formed Sea to Sky Tours & Activities to bring a professional vacation planning experience to the island of Maui.  We have a great passion for the outdoors, nature, history, wildlife, food, cultures and travel.  Backed by years of professional guide experience, we have combined all of our island interest to create the most productive way to book tours & activities, make restaurant reservations, arrange transportation and plan excursions on Maui.


“We Do Everything With Purposeful Meaning While Implementing Old Hawaiian Principles”

aloha maui tours activities


Create Joy…

Aloha is not just a word, it is better expressed as a state of mind.  It’s history and meaning is multi-fasted and has many positive attributes.  For us it is a way of life, a spiritual way of being.  We define it as doing your job with love, providing service that make others happy and joyful.  In a around about way A-LO-HA means ‘Living A Life of Harmony’.        

A, ala, watchful, alertness
L, lokahi, working with unity
O, oia’i’o, truthful honesty
H, ha’aha’a, humility
A, ahonui, patient perseverance
alo, 1. sharing 2. in the present
oha, joyous affection, joy
ha, life energy, life, breath

Create Memorable Moments…

When you arrive on Maui pause, relax, breathe. Do not worry with the past or the future while on island ‘Enjoy the Moment’, disconnect from life’s daily grind and reconnect to the natural world.

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Create Good Karma…

We live our lives with a conscious decision to do the right thing in terms of self, others, and the environment. We only work with tour operations offering pure authentic experiences.

Create A Balance of Experiences…

When on Maui we encourage you explore all aspects of the island; play in the ocean, walk with your toes in the sand, get muddy on a remote hike to a waterfall, take a helicopter ride through the mountains, end your day on a volcano viewing the sunset from above the clouds, stay after dark to view the stars above.



Observing nature, studying history, viewing wildlife are all constant reminders that it is the simplest things in life that reward us with the most memorable experiences. That it is truly the small things, the simple things in life that matter. New experiences bring new insight to the world around us and we believe that one of the best ways to explore and enjoy life is by experiencing the sea, land, air and the sky above; be it by foot, boat, kayak, paddle board, horseback, four-wheeler, plane or helicopter. ‘Maui Sea to Sky’ symbolizes that spirit of freedom and fun.


Maui Sea to Sky Tours & Activities is all about fun and adventure with a level of purposeful meaning included in everything we do. We reserve responsible tours to natural areas that promote bio-cultural diversity with the intention to help protect the natural and cultural heritage of Maui. Tours and activities are about achieving greater understanding and appreciation for nature and the local history of the Hawaiian islands.

Nature teaches us that the diversity of life is made up not only of the diversity of plants and animal species, habitats and ecosystems found on the planet, but also of the diversity of human cultures.


Feel free to call or email us.