Maui Windmills Sunset Hike

A great West Maui experience is to hike up the Lahaina Pali Trail to the Maui Windmills to view the sunset.


Hiking up to the West Maui Windmills is one of the best hikes on the island to view a sunset.


These 34 windmills overlooking Maalaea produce enough electricity to power around 20K homes.


You can hike through the windmills along the Lahaina Pali Trail which goes through them, a 5 mile hike in West Maui.


Hiking to the West Maui windmills is a great way to get-a-way from it all and offers great views of South Maui.   For most of the year it is a hot, dry windy hike along a rocky trail.  After a few days of rain the whole area turns green and is a nice time to enjoy the hike.