What Does Aloha Mean

What Does Aloha Mean

Aloha is not just a word, it is better expressed as a state of mind.  It’s history and meaning is multi-fasted and has many positive attributes.  For us it is a way of life, a spiritual way of being.  We define it as doing your job with love, providing service that make others happy and joyful.  In a around about way A-LO-HA means ‘Living A Life of Harmony’.



Living a Life

of Aloha

A, ala, watchful, alertness
L, lokahi, working with unity
O, oia’i’o, truthful honesty
H, ha’aha’a, humility
A, ahonui, patient perseverance
alo, 1. sharing 2. in the present
oha, joyous affection, joy
ha, life energy, life, breath